Vendor Village Application

Thank you for your interest in participating in "Tuesdays at the Jenny." We’re super excited and look forward to celebrating with you to make this event series profitable for everyone! 

IMPORTANT NOTE:   ***WHAT TO KNOW BEFORE APPLYING*** DATES: Tuesdays, April. 6 - May. 25 TIME:  5 pm - 8 pm; 3 pm load in start WEEKLY PARTICIPATION FEE: $15 (Note - a portion of your weekly fee goes towards paying for professional music/entertainment) 

BOOTH SPACES: 10' X 10'. Each vendor must have a white tent, tent weights, lights to illuminate your tent after sunset and provide your own table/chairs/displays. (We will make exceptions for branded tents.) We expect displays to be professional and well-organized. Tables should have table cloths.

PACKAGE CHECKS: To increase sales, we suggest you consider offering and plan for a "package check", white-glove service, so guests/customers who plan to stay and enjoy the entertainment and food don't have to worry about lugging around purchases. (Especially for expensive, large and heavy items.)

COMMUNICATION & PAYMENTS: You will receive an email update each Wednesday, containing a map showing where you will set up the next week, as well as new promotional graphics, series news, and most importantly: a link to pay your fee. Please pay by Sunday at Noon the Tuesday you are scheduled. We will not be collecting vendor fees the day of the event. You may not be located in the same place within the vendor village each time you participate. You will have drive-up access to unload and set up right next to your exhibit space but will need to move your vehicle and park elsewhere after you unload. All instructions will be communicated each week in the vendor email update. :-)

NOTE ABOUT LIGHTING & ELECTRICITY: You will need to plan for battery-operated or rechargeable lighting. We cannot guarantee that access to electricity will be available at this time.

MARKETING: We're marketing this series via grassroots marketing, paid advertising, and local partnerships. Our event production team includes a dedicated crew, each with 20+ years experience producing fun, profitable and engaging events. We'll provide marketing materials and social posting graphics to help you advertise the series via your connections, which you must do each week. It takes a village to make an event successful - especially during the times we're all living through right now. We expect all vendors to actively promote the series, food vendors, and entertainment each week. Follow The Spinning Jenny Facebook and Instagram accounts, and check in often. Follow your fellow market vendors, entertainment, and food trucks. Follow, like, love, share, support, like, share and emoji some more!

SOCIAL DISTANCING & MASKS/FACE COVERS: We will adhere to a “masks on the move” protocol, meaning: while you are walking around, a customer walks into your tent, or you are socializing outside your tent area with other guests, you will be expected to wear a mask. We will also provide social distancing signs you will need to print and post in your tent. You will also need to provide hand sanitizer. We’ll be monitoring current CDC and South Carolina mandates and guidelines to share with you during weekly communications. We encourage you to decorate your masks according to the theme each week to make mask-wearing as fun AND FUNNY as possible for our guests. :-)

SOUTH CAROLINA RESALE CERTIFICATE: All vendors participating in the event series will need to be registered with the state and have a SC Resale Sales Certificate. Please bring a physical copy with you each time in case you are asked to present it to a city official. Please also bring a copy to provide to the Spinning Jenny to keep on file.

PACKAGED EDIBLES: All products that are packaged for resale* must adhere to guidelines set forth by DHEC and the Department of Agriculture (which includes the Cottage Exemption). The Food Safety Law states that your certificate must be displayed at the point of purchase in your booth. The Spinning Jenny requires that you provide a copy of your current certification, which must be turned upon approval of your application.

Cottage Exemption Example: Non-potentially hazardous baked goods and candy that are sold directly to the end consumer are covered under this bill. Examples of these type products are: baked cookies, baked cakes, baked bread**, baked high-acid fruit pies (apple, apricot, grape, peach, plum, quince, orange, nectarine, blackberry, raspberry, boysenberry, cherry, cranberry, strawberry, red currants) and candy.

* Every item for sale by a vendor that is to be consumed, must be properly labeled, following Cottage Law, Agriculture or DHEC department guidelines. ** Moist quick bread like zucchini, pumpkin & banana may be potentially hazardous and are considered under DHEC certification.
ex: $15-$100
**REQUIRED if you have NOT provided a website/Etsy/Facebook/Instagram above or want to include additional photos. If you don't have a web presence, or want us to see additional photos like booth set-up, please upload images to a photo viewer (like flickr) and provide the URL to see your photos here.
Please note: We will do our best to approve you for all of your selected dates, but we will limit vendors to avoid excessive product overlap when the EXACT same products or style of design are being considered.
If we have a cancellation and can give you a booth space at a specific date, we will contact you by the Saturday before that date. You will have 48 hours to confirm and submit your payment in order to participate.
Indemnification of The Spinning Jenny: To the extent of the law, The Spinning Jenny and Event Management shall not be liable for any damage or injury to Vendor, or any other person, or to property, occurring on the premises, at outside events or shows that the Vendor participates in with the events. Vendor agrees to indemnify and hold the event, above named parish it’s members, agents, officers, employees, family members, helpers, partners, organizational members, associates, volunteers and/or affiliates with respect to any and all injury, disability, death and/or loss and/or damage to the person and/or property occurring during or arising out of the vendor’s participation in the event, whether caused by the negligence of third parties and to hold harmless from any claims for damages which arise in connection with any such occurrence. Said indemnification shall include indemnity from any claims, cost, fees or fines which Spinning Jenny may incur in defending said claim.