The Grand Marvy Market

NOVEMBER 26th, 2022

A grand & marvelous market filled with one of a kind vintage and handmade curated items. For more information about the next market, please visit the Facebook page. If you are interested in becoming a vendor at the next market, please fill out the application below.

Vendor Registration

Artist Check-In:

Artist Check out:
Break-down can begin after 3pm. Early break-down is not permitted. Vendors are responsible for cleaning up their area by 5pm on the day of the event.

Booth Space:

  • 9x9 booth space will be assigned to you, please see event coordinator the day of. Two (2) chairs will be provided for your booth space. Table rentals are available for $15 per table.
  • Booth displays must be self supporting. Electricity hookup is available for a fee of $10.
  • Vendors must be present during the entire event or have someone (of their choosing) staffing the booth.
  • Vendors who would like to share a booth may do so, however, both vendors must apply and submit photographs of their work separately. One of the vendors will be responsible for submitting the booth fee for the booth sharing. We will not take partial payments for the booth.

Vendors who do not show and do not cancel will not be re-invited to participate in future events.

Product Approval:
All vendors must have product to sell at their booth spaces.

Packaged Edibles:
All products that are packaged for resale* must adhere to guidelines set forth by DHEC and the Department of Agriculture (which includes the Cottage Exemption). The Food Safety Law states that your certificate must be displayed at point of purchase in your booth. The Spinning Jenny request a copy of current certification which must be turned in with application.

Cottage Exemption Example:
Non-potentially hazardous baked goods and candy that are sold directly to the end consumer are covered under this bill. Examples of these type products are: baked cookies, baked cakes, baked breads**, baked high-acid fruit pies (apple, apricot, grape, peach, plum, quince, orange, nectarine, blackberry, raspberry, boysenberry, cherry, cranberry, strawberry, red currants) and candy.

* Every item for sale by a vendor, that is to be consumed, must be properly labeled, following Cottage Law, Agriculture or DHEC department guidelines.

** Moist quick breads like zucchini, pumpkin & banana may be potentially hazardous and are considered under DHEC certification.

It is the responsibility of the VENDOR and Event Management to promote The Grand Marvy Market. It is NOT the sole responsibility of Event Management to promote the events. We take advantage of social media, outside selling websites such as Craig’sList, Instagram, Facebook, (including but not limited to these platforms), and are open to other forms of advertising. When advertising on any social media, print media or radio it is the right of Event Management to withhold the Vendors’ company name for protection purposes i.e.: Craig’sList postings that will feature Spinning Jenny’s The Grand Marvy Market advertising, not the company name of the Vendor. Vendors are requested to comment and share on posts related to all aspects of media postings, not just their own. Should this practice of only liking, sharing, pinning, and/or posting - and any other form of promoting be isolated to only the Vendor’s products, Event Management reserves the right to diminish frequency of media showcasing of the Vendor's products.

Indemnification of The Spinning Jenny Craft and Gift Fair:
To the extent of the law, The Spinning Jenny and Event Management shall not be liable for any damage or injury to Vendor, or any other person, or to property, occurring on the premises, at outside events or shows that the Vendor participates in with the events. Vendor agrees to indemnify and hold the event, above named parish it’s members, agents, officers, employees, family members, helpers, partners, organizational members, associates, volunteers and/or affiliates with respect to any and all injury, disability, death and/or loss and/or damage to the person and/or property occurring during or arising out of the vendor’s participation in the event, whether caused by the negligence of third parties and to hold harmless from any claims for damages which arise in connection with any such occurrence. Said indemnification shall include indemnity from any claims, cost, fees or fines which Spinning Jenny may incur in defending said claim.

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Please upload 3-5 photos of your product for review and promotional purposes.
All outside vendors must provide their own tent.
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